About us

Our technology was created to spark a revolution of creativity and collaboration between artists, directors and record labels looking to take their music video experience to the next level.

Our solution aims to answer two questions:

  • How can we make music videos more engaging for fans?
  • How can we dramatically increase music video revenue?

We believe our Flagship product has the potential to answer both of those questions and revolutionize music video entertainment – that is why it's called Revohloo, a play off The Revolution of Music Video Entertainment.

Giving fans the ability to Remix and Create their own official versions of their favorite artists' music videos, with 256 new variations available, fans can choose a different beginning, middle, and end. This makes each Revohloo music video a unique, interactive and entertaining experience that we believe fans will love!

But Revohloo doesn't just aim to benefit fans – our technology is designed to present a brand new opportunity for artists to monetize their content. Artists & Rights-holders may generate additional revenue with Revohloo and because of our AdDefender technology, advertisers have the opportunity to pay a premium.